So, I’m finally in bed after a night rocking out at the Deaf Institute,Manchester. Boy, am I tired…

The crowd was really great tonight. Even though there were some sound issues, I’m so pleased that the crowd were into my songs and kept on listening. The band sounded amazing. We’ve gone from about 7 people to 4 now, and I am well pleased. The guys are heavy! Sam is a BEAST on the drums, Panji is TOO smooth on the bass, and Jan is a CRAZY SOUL SHREDDER on guitar. I play whatever I fancy really, and sing a little in the gaps 😀

It’s on nights like tonight that I remember why I do what I do. The audience kept me going through the feedback and the instrument change-overs. I write for people. I compose music for anyone who has the lungs to breathe it in and the heart to feel. My friends, you make it worth it.

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