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I’m really excited to announce that I shall be playing at Caffe Nero on Friday 9th at 14.30 in the Market Street Leicester Store. It has been so long since I played a gig at all! This last year and a half has been amazing. I’ve been enjoying time with my husband, growing as a wife and undertaking various other creative journeys, but I have missed so much being able to write and perform my own music for all of you. So much has happened in the world during 2016, so much that I couldn’t possibly comment on just one thing, but it has definitely been an inspirational year for me as a songwriter. Every time I read the news, I realise that there is a lot happening all around me, things that I should say something about if I can. Sometimes you take a step back and you begin to understand what really matters. Love, family, forgiveness, acceptance justice, equality… I’ve been thinking about these things and they are turning themselves into melodies and verses. I have so much music that I want to share with you and 2017 is hopefully going to be the year that I do this. My gig in Caffe Nero is significant to me because it marks the beginning of this time of sharing. If I have learnt one thing from being a married woman, it is that sharing is important. Keeping open dialogue and an open heart so that together you can share each other happiness and hurts. So, I’m ready to share.


I grew up listening to Gabrielle. I had her first album on cassette tape and I played it to near death! Now, I will actually be a supporting artist for her headline show at Liverpool SoulFest 2015. I have no idea whether I’ll actually get to meet her, but even if I don’t, tomorrow, something that I never thought possible is about to take place. For that, I feel blessed and truly thankful. So come and join me at Constellations on Friday 23rd October, 6pm on the main stage, as I open the show for her… And I’ll try not to cry too much.

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So many things are changing in my life at the moment and I’m excited about the newness of the creativity brewing inside of me. I had the awesome news earlier in the month that I had made it onto the longlist with a chance to play at Glastonbury. That was mega! It was also a reminder that just by being the person you were created to be, doing what only you can do, dreams can begin to become reality.

Here’s to staying true to the real you.

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