I’m overflowing with creative ideas recently.  My lounge has become my own personal music studio. Wires, wires, wires… Gotta love it 😀 I’ve been very encouraged by family to take hold of my dreams and work towards them. It’s so easy to lose focus and get distracted or scared by things around you. You get half way and think, ‘That’s close enough.’

I was judging a talent show last weekend in Leeds, and one of the contestants stopped halfway through his song, killed all sound and went to walk off stage saying that he’d done a bad job. I told him, ‘You can’t do that. You came here with a purpose and you have to see it through. You’ve got something to give so don’t give up!’ So, i’m leading by example. I’m up late, tired from attacking the social network trying to get myself out there. I’m ready to give what I’ve got, and I’m prepared to lose much sleep chasing that dream.