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I am so excited about what I’m doing next… As some of you know, in 2012, I did my Baltic Tour which was a collection of 4 shows across Lithuania. This time around, I’ve been invited to play in Lithuania AND Estonia! I guess that classes as an actual tour of the Baltics (ha!). In Lithuania on 28th June, I’ll be playing as part of the festival LEMPAfest in the beautiful setting pictured above. I looks to be a great music and arts festival including artists from Norway, Sweden and me, from the UK! In Estonia, I shall be playing on 23rd June which is St John’s Eve (Jaanilaupäev), an event in the Estonian calender said to be as big as Christmas! It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ll be keeping you all posted on what’s happening so keep your eyes on the JudithUdeFanPage for more information. Don’t forget to ‘like’ the page too (if you’re in a ‘liking’ mood). Also check out the LEMPAfest page, and maybe I’ll see you all there!


So the big news is, me and my band are going on tour in Lithuania!! This will be our first set of international shows and we’re  all very excited.  We’ve been working hard to put together a great new set to give each show  a different flavour, and we’re  ready to get out there and PLAY!!!

So far we’ve got four shows booked.

23/07/12: Grybenai Camp. FULL concert.

25/07/12: Judith Ude Acoustic Concert at Vilnius Bernardinai @19:00

27/07/12: Club RAMYBE in Palanga city @22:00

28/07/12: VIENUOLYNO KIEMELIS in Vilnius city @20:00

I’m hoping for sunshine, good food,  and lots of wonderful people to come and enjoy the shows.

This is all art of one big adventurous dream, and I can’t wait to share my music with more of you.

It’s gonna be awesome!




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