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I’m overflowing with creative ideas recently.  My lounge has become my own personal music studio. Wires, wires, wires… Gotta love it 😀 I’ve been very encouraged by family to take hold of my dreams and work towards them. It’s so easy to lose focus and get distracted or scared by things around you. You get half way and think, ‘That’s close enough.’

I was judging a talent show last weekend in Leeds, and one of the contestants stopped halfway through his song, killed all sound and went to walk off stage saying that he’d done a bad job. I told him, ‘You can’t do that. You came here with a purpose and you have to see it through. You’ve got something to give so don’t give up!’ So, i’m leading by example. I’m up late, tired from attacking the social network trying to get myself out there. I’m ready to give what I’ve got, and I’m prepared to lose much sleep chasing that dream.

Check this video out — Me covering Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – AKA… What A Life!

Wow… I can’t believe it’s been a year since I released my first record Introspection. It’s strange. I’ve done lots of great gigs since then and so much has changed internally that it gets me excited about my next project. I’m always writing but somehow I’ve found another level of inspiration. It’s so important to be real with yourself. Music and life are like a perfect marriage, they are inextricably linked. I used to laugh at people who wrote songs whenever they went through something, thinking that it was just their way of getting therapy for free, but actually, it’s really not like that. Not always. In order to truely know what we feel, sometimes we just have to open our mouths and speak it out. I find myself drawn to my harp and my piano more and more. They seem to know what I’m feeling and help me say it. I hope that my next record will really speak. I hope that you are all-ears.

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